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Our Story

The snacks we grew up with

Fresko Snacks was first a part of Supermercado Morelos, started by the Morelos family in 2004. The family began making snacks for supermarket shoppers and serving them out of a cart.

Shoppers loved being able to grab a quick snack while getting groceries, and the authentic Mexican foods were always the most popular, especially elote.

Soon, we were making so much elote that it became the star of the menu. We began opening other Snacks locations, so that people could find our elote and other items around town, not only while they were grocery shopping.

The first food cart has now evolved into Snacks Morelos, but we still are making the authentic Mexican foods that we love to snack on — elote, chicharrones, desserts, and more.  We hope each bite reminds you of family.


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